Head Technician

Hometown: Aberdeen, MD

Pets: Arlo, Stewie, Ninjia Dan, Lynyrd Skinyrd

Sarah has been with the practice for over 17 years!  She joined Aberdeen Veterinary Clinic when Dr. Fritz purchased the clinic in 2004.  She is a native of Harford County and shares her home with a dog and 3 cats, some of which have been adopted from the clinic, her husband and 2 beautiful girls.  As our head tech, Sarah is responsible for every aspect of your pet’s care.  Sarah has a great connection with all animals and makes them feel comfortable and safe, even when they are nervous.  She makes sure that each pet knows that she is gentle and kind, and there to help them. We call her the “cat whisperer.” Sarah’s love for all animals shines through when she interacts with them.  Her warm smile will greet you when you enter the exam room and she’ll make you feel right at home when she lets your pet curl up with her on the floor as she get a history for the doctor.  Sarah, like the rest of the staff, will go out of her way to make sure you and your pet are treated like a part of our family when you are at Aberdeen Veterinary Clinic.