Sniffly, Sneezing Cats: All About Feline Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are one of the most common infectious diseases seen in cats. The infections range widely in severity, can lead to lifelong illness that reappears when cats are stressed, and may result in life-threatening illness.  Although viruses cause the majority of feline respiratory infections, symptomatic treatment can prevent your cat’s condition from worsening and [...]

9 Refreshing Ways to Increase Your Cat’s Water Intake

You may seldom see your cat at their water bowl, so you can’t be really sure how much they are drinking. While they likely sneak in a few gulps here and there, boosting these desert animals’ water intake is extremely important. Their ancestors may have thrived in arid conditions, making them especially skilled at extracting [...]

Dispelling Myths About Giardia in Dogs

Giardia is an often misunderstood intestinal parasite that can infect dogs, cats, livestock, and a wide variety of wildlife—and certain strains can infect people. Learn how to best protect your four-legged friend from this intestinal parasite as we uncover the truth about Giardia in dogs. Myth: I can see Giardia parasites in my dog’s stool [...]

7 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Pet

The summer temperatures and bright sunshine beckon you outside to enjoy the weather with your furry pal. However, heat, humidity, and what you do to keep cool can be dangerous for your pet. Follow our Aberdeen Veterinary Clinic team’s heat safety tips to make the most of your summer with your four-legged friend. #1: Enjoy [...]

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