Wow – I can walk again!

This week was exciting for me as I continue to grow and learn in the practice of Veterinary Medicine.

Many of you know that a little over a year ago, I started my journey into leaning Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with Acupuncture.  I have been able to blend “Western” medicine – what I was taught in Veterinary school, and “Eastern” medicine – acupuncture,  together to treat just about any condition that a dog or cat may suffer from.  It is amazing to think that 2000 years ago, without the help of x-rays, blood machines, CT scans, MRIs, the Chinese were able to diagnose and treat many diseases and conditions we see today.  The benefits of all those tests and diagnostics just improves our accuracy and allows us to fine tune the treatments.

About 5 years ago, I became interested in acupuncture after I was presented with a dog that had become paralyzed in his hind legs suddenly.  The owner was unable to afford surgery, the medications were only controlling the pain, but not allowing the dog to stand, walk or even use his legs.  He had no feeling in his toes or tail.  The owner was so upset and did not want to put her beloved pet to sleep.  She asked if there was anything else we could try.  I had heard that acupuncture may work, but I was very skeptical about this “voo doo” medicine.  I found her an acupuncturist about an 1 hour away.  About 4 weeks later, my staff member came to get me and said there was someone here to see me.  To my surprise, it was my patient, standing, walking, although slightly wobbly, wagging his tail!  The owner was thrilled as was I.  He was no longer on any pain medications and was progressing.

It was then that I decided, I need to find out more about this type of treatment.  Why did it work? How did it work?  What was the “trick”?  I finally had the opportunity to study at the renowned Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine and found out there is no “trick”.  It is all in the diagnosis and treatment of the pattern and releasing the stuck energy of the body.  Letting the body heal itself.

This week, I had the honor of giving one of my patients the ability to walk again!  Just 4 short weeks ago I started treating a beautiful girl who had become suddenly paralyzed on her rear legs.  Each visit with her I have seen gradual changes and improvements which is wonderful, but this week I had a wonderful surprise.  When the owner set her down on the floor, she took off running, although slightly wobbly, to greet my other staff members!  I just stood there amazed to think that I had given this dog her freedom back.  This “gift” that I have had the honor of learning has added another “hammer” to my toolbox which I have available to treat the dogs and cats I have the please to come into contact with daily.




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