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Closeup picture of American dog tick

As we eagerly await the coming of spring, don’t forget to keep your pets protected from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites.  It is important to keep them on preventatives year round!  There are some great new products available for flea and tick control this year.

One of the new products we recommend is NexGard, from the makers of Frontline. It is a once a month, ORAL, flea and tick prevention for dogs.  No more sticky, smelly topicalls.  It can be given at the same time as their monthly Heartgard- ONCE-a- MONTH!  They are so easy to give, dogs think they are treats.

For cats, we recommend Vectra, a once-a-month flea prevention, or Frontline for fleas and ticks.  For 6 months of flea prevention, Program injection is another great option available for cats.

Each flea, tick, and heartworm product works in a different way and is used to prevent different parasites, so be sure and ask which product would be right for your pets and their living situation.  Please ask us.  We’ll be glad to help you figure out which product would benefit you.

Many of the products for flea, tick and heartworm prevention products have great rebates and discounts available now.  Stop in the clinic and ask what is available.  One example: Save over $50 on HeartGard and NexGard when you purchase them together.

One last reminder – when you purchase your flea, tick, and heartworm prevention through a veterinarian, the manufacturer has a guarentee that includes treatment of diseases caused by those parasites (please check with the manufacturer), consults if there are adverse effects, and many other benefits.  If these products are purchased online or at big box stores, the manufacturer can not guarentee the product is even the same chemical, same strength, or even the original product you thought you wrere buying.  Sometimes the same packaging is used for a different product.  Unfortunately, we have seen this happen.  In addition, you no longer receive the manufacturers guarentee of treatment.  This can be very devistating to your pet’s health.

Lets keep our furry kids safe and healthy this spring! If you have any questions about which product is best for your pet and your living environment, please call us or email me at [email protected]

-Dr. Fritz

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